How democracy works in Pakistan

29 – 9 – 2006

The authorities in Islamabad have many ways to ensure the right result in elections. Irfan Husain tells some tales from the polling booth.

The circumstances surrounding the destruction of a madrasa in Bajaur which killed up to eighty-five people on 30 October 2006 demonstrate yet again the tricky nature of President Pervez Musharraf’s current balancing-act. In particular, the involvement of the United States in the assault, and the nature of the protests in its aftermath, reveal Musharraf to be caught between the hammer of Washington’s demands and the anvil of his people’s rising anger.

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Irfan Husain is a columnist with Dawn newspaper in Pakistan.


2 responses to “How democracy works in Pakistan

  1. In your opinion is current government far better for the masses than the Taliban ever was or could be?

  2. I’m not sure what exactly are you referring to. The article is related to the political scenario of Pakistan and a Taliban like government in Pakistan is not possible anytime in near future. That’s the last thing Washington would like to see here.

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