Developments in NWFP PTI

Engineer Hamid-ul-Haq took oath as Peshawar District President of Tehreek-e-Insaf during a jalsa in Kohat on 18th November. Imran Khan took the oath, and goinsaf’s own Saad Abdullah was the host of the event.

Saad Abdullah, President Youth Wing NWFP, is now organizaing a jalsa in Kohat on Nov 28. He has instructed four District Youth Presidents to bring along one or two flying coach full of workers. The purpose of the jalsa on 28th is to gear up the movement against the present regime.

An Insaf Student Community has been launched for all colleges and universities of NWFP. Saad said that the name “Insaf Student Federation” was rejected as it reflected a violent path, whereas the name “Insaf Student Community” reflects a more welfare orientation. Imran Khan approved the formation of the Insaf Student Community.

Also, Ryasat Sarhadi has been appointed Youth Wing General Secretary for NWFP. Sohail Yousafzai, Waseem Khattak of Hazara and Zahoor Shakir from Hangu were chosen as Vice Presidents of the Youth Wing. Saad Abdullah pointed out that a conscious effort was made to choose the VPs from districts other than Peshawar as well, as in the past all posts used to be dominated by members from Peshawar. Now, the PTI Youth Wing’s span and effect will broaden to a greater part of NWFP.

Saad mentioned that in order to continue Tehreek-e-Insaf’s momentum, donations from supporters were urgently needed at this crucial juncture. There are alot of costs involved in running the movement such as publishing advertising materials, membership cards, badges, and arranging coaches for transportation of youth from different districts. As the youth cannot generally afford the transport themselves, the costs are being borne by the President and General Secretary Youth Wing themselves, and it is getting to the point that this can no longer continue. An appeal is made to overseas Pakistanis to come forward and help support the movement for justice.



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