Imran for joint struggle against military rule

KOHAT, Nov 28: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan has urged opposition parties to agree on a one-point agenda of removing the government of Gen Pervez Musharraf to ensure free and fair polls.

Addressing a big public meeting at the Company Park here on Tuesday, he said: “The opposition is indecisive whether to get rid of the dictator first or to contest elections under his authority, as leaders of main political parties are still shuttling between Islamabad and London for a patch-up.”

He said that he was so disappointed by the attitude of some opposition parties that his party had decided to launch a mass movement against the government alone. He said the opposition should immediately start a joint struggle for removal of present government.

“They, on one hand, say that fair elections are not possible under President Gen Musharraf but at the same time are preparing for election campaign. They should realise that we have no other option but to get rid of Gen Musharraf before elections.”

Criticising the passage of the Protection of Women Bill in a hurry he observed that it was just an eyewash and in fact Gen Musharraf had amended the Hudood Laws to please the West.

He said the government could have waited for another year to enact the bill through a legitimate parliament. He said parliament should do legislation to check corruption, unemployment, price hike and law and order and to ensure education and health to the people of Pakistan.

“President Musharraf showed fists to the nation in his speeches while wearing commando uniform to teach lesson to extremists, but surrendered the sovereignty of the state on a single phone call from the US after 9/11. He chose salutation for the Pentagon and bombs for innocent tribal people and Afghanistan. Had their been a true leadership in the country the situation would have been much different,” he remarked.

He condemned the Bajaur incident and asked President Musharraf not to malign military by taking its responsibility, because it was undoubtedly a US action. He said after the statement of Gen Musharraf that the Pakistani military had conducted the whole operation, many innocent soldiers lost lives in the Dargai suicide attack.

Imran Khan said that solution to the problems of Pakistani people lay in independence of judiciary, declaration of education and employment emergency and bringing real tax reforms by making 90 pert cent direct recoveries from the rich.

Secretary general of the TIP, Admiral Javed Khan alleged that the earlier military dictators gave away three out of five rivers to India and their followers divided Pakistan.

Source: Dawn


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