Don’t let Musharraf cash in on opposition’s rift: Imran

HYDERABAD: President Gen Pervez Musharraf will become “Hosni Mubarak of Pakistan” in case the rift between opposition parties of the country continues.

The warning was given by Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, who was talking to newsmen after leading a rally as part of his party’s mobilisation campaign against the government here on Sunday.

He urged the opposition parties to unite against the Musharraf government for transparent elections and democracy in the country.

“The opposition should immediately launch a drive against the Musharraf government with unity, otherwise differences within ranks of opposition would actually benefit Musharraf,” Khan said.

He said the government has already started rigging the next year’s general election.

He described the elections as a fraud, as he said were the 2002 general election and the local elections.

He said his party was not allowed to stage rallies in Karachi and the Punjab and that his party’s activists had been stopped from participating in the Hyderabad rally, which negated the government claim of flourishing democratic norms in the country.

Government parties are taking out rallies with public money, but the PTI is not allowed to hold public meetings and rallies, he protested.

Khan said the rulers would break all records of rigging in the next elections as President Musharraf is asking the people to vote for the “Q-League”.

He advised the opposition parties to start focusing on launching a drive against the government instead of preparing for the general election, and stressed the need for launching a protest movement for the holding of

free and fair elections in the country.

He said he had already held a meeting with MMA chief Qazi Hussein Ahmed and would meet PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif in London to develop a consensus on launching a combined drive against Musharraf as well as on tendering resignations from the assemblies.

The PTI chief stated that he requested Qazi to take all MMA parties on board for launching the anti-government drive. He said he would also seek cooperation from Nawaz Sharif as regards the ARD parties.

He didn’t rule out a meeting with Benazir Bhutto after meeting Nawaz but said he would not hold a meeting with Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussein because his party was a coalition partner in the government.

“My meeting with Nawaz Sharif would definitely bring results,” he said when asked about the outcome of his scheduled meeting in London on Tuesday.

He said the meeting would make it clear as to which party is launching an anti-Musharraf campaign and who is supporting the government.

Answering a question, Khan said the Women Protection Act is a fraud aimed at breaking the opposition alliance and pleasing the United States but it has nothing to do with women’s protection.

He said he was against the Hudood Ordinance because a military dictator enforced it, adding that amendments to the ordinance by yet another military dictator were therefore unacceptable to him.

“I am not pessimistic about the situation,” Khan said and urged the political parties to remain united to launch a joint drive against Musharraf and continue it until the departure of the current regime.

He was also critical of the “politics of deals” and added that whichever party entered into such deals it would destroy its future.

Source: The News


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