School curriculum ‘enlightened’

‘Muslim deprivation, not religion, led to Partition’

* New Pak Studies syllabus ‘eliminates prejudice against non-Muslims’
* Includes concept of ‘enlightened moderation’, economic and privatisation policies, October 1999 coup

By Irfan Ghauri

ISLAMABAD: The government has made drastic changes in the new Pakistan Studies curriculum, including new chapters on the Musharraf government’s economic and privatisation policies and “enlightened moderation”, and less biased explanations of the Two-Nation Theory and Partition.

The causes of the military takeover of October 12, 1999, the devolution of power process introduced by Gen Musharraf’s government and the 2002 elections will also be covered in this section.

Special space has been given to Musharraf’s policies of enlightened moderation, privatisation and industrialisation. Also included are the economic reforms of the present government masterminded by Shaukat Aziz, first as finance minister and then prime minister.

Complete Story: Daily Times


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