Country faces energy crisis: Another weekly holiday under study

Dec 20: Pakistan is facing a severe energy crisis and its oil consumption has gone up by about 80 per cent mainly due to law and order problem in Balochistan, increased village gasification ahead of elections and low hydel power production, senior government officials said.

The situation is such that the government is considering restrictions on night-time commercial activity across the country to conserve the amount of energy available.

As part of conservation measures, the proposal to observe Saturday as second weekly off has again come under consideration.

According to a senior petroleum ministry official, the consumption of furnace oil this year rose by about 80 per cent to 8 million tons compared with 4.5 million tons last year owing to higher electricity demand mainly in the Wapda system. This alone is expected to increase Pakistan’s oil import bill to $7.5 billion against budgeted projection of $6.5 billion.

Continue reading on: Dawn

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