Musharraf, country can’t coexist: Imran

Police beat PTI workers in Pakpattan

PAKPATTAN: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said on Sunday that “violent and anti-people” policies of Gen Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan could not survive together and either Musharraf or the country will remain.

Addressing a rally at Chowk Chitty Qabar here, he added if Musharraf continued “to kill” his people in the name of the war against terror just to please his American master, Bush, it would further promote extremism and terrorism in the country.

There is no justice as corrupt and rich people become rulers, while poor and innocent people are in jails, Imran said, adding that 70,000 poor people are in jails.

No one has given a licence to Gen Musharraf and his government to declare anyone a terrorist, the PTI chief said and maintained the people are suffering due to “ill-advised decisions” of the government and that the integrity and solidarity of the country had been put at stake.

Imran asserted that the rule of law should be maintained but unfortunately there was no respect for law in Pakistan at present. He said the main issues of the day were unemployment and dearness.

The government has not given any relief to the masses, he said and asked that if the situation is that everything has to be decided by the rulers themselves, what the justification is for the judiciary and other institutions in the country. He held the view that is the worst failure of all opposition parties that they could not unite, which was why Musharraf was still ruling.

Earlier, addressing people at Noor Pur and Malka Hans, Imran said the PTI would start a drive against Musharraf in cooperation with the PML-N, the MMA and other opposition parties.

Before his arrival in Pakpattan, police chased party workers who had gathered at different places to welcome Imran and beat them up.

Imran moved along a rally from Chowk 19-SP to the shrine of Hazrat Baba Farid Gunj Shakkar (RA) where he offered Fateha.

PTI district president Riaz Arshad Khan Niazi suggested stepping up the mass contact campaign of party.

Source: The News


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