Imran Khan in ‘Capital Talk’

This episode of Capital talk was recently aired on GEO after IRI poll results were published declaring Musharraf as most popular.



2 responses to “Imran Khan in ‘Capital Talk’

  1. the IRI poll results are not at all significant for the pakistani public and they are neither authentic proof that the general public ,majority,votes for musharraf…the true evidence roams around the streets of pakistan ,the vast majority that is crying for a change which will bring down the inflation and save pakistan fron becoming afghanistan or iraq. pakistan today faces economical as well as social challenges which need to be adressed by a diligent, and necessarily , an elected government.general musharraf is factually trying to become husni mubarak of pakistan and the IRI report is nothing but a sheer false claim made by the masters of general musharraf to appreciate his loyalty

  2. Definitely, the IRI results were simply ridiculous.

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