Pak politician voice sadness over Saddam’s execution

Saddam HussainFair trial was denied to Saddam Hussein throughout from his arrest to the execution: Imran Khan

LAHORE: Various politicians voiced Saturday sorrow over the execution of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein as well as expressed dissatisfaction over the trial procedure.

Talking to media, Federal Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that he is sorry for the sad demise of Saddam Hussein.

MMA Chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed said Saddam Hussein has been victimized in retaliation for challenging Bush’s authority and arrogance, adding that Muslim nation needs to foil the US attempt to fan the religious sectarian strife in Iraq.

MMA leader Liaquat Baloch said that across the world, this decision by US would not be admitted; as, it was Iraqi people’s internal affair to bring Saddam Hussein to book.

JUP Chief Anas Noorani said that Saddam Hussein refused to surrender to vice.

Source: The News

Human Rights Watch on Saddam’s trial


2 responses to “Pak politician voice sadness over Saddam’s execution

  1. as far as i have studied the reign of saddam hussain thereis no doubt that he was an autocrat and military dictator who alienated his country from trom the international community for more than 2 decades ….his decision to attack iran and then kuwait were acts of foolishness but hten the same ppl were behing hm who have now hanged him….they were equally guilty of supporting him at that time……
    as far as my opinion s concerned i think saddam hussain was a man of high ambitions who had absolutely good intentions but the implementation went wrong and he miscalculated the situations……he wantd iraq to be a single musliam superpower right at the doorstep of israel …and that was a diligent scheme …all other leaders only extended diplomatic and moral support to the ppl of palestine……saddam will go down in history as the only one who dared give them a practical support …he was the one to fire missiles at israel in 1991…..recently hezbollah was courageous enough to lauch assault on israel…….wether u consider me a facist or a maniac i believe that history has shoun us that disputes like palestine are not solved diplomatically …..i think war is the only solution ……….for which the arab leaders are not prepared fr the fear of money wealth and property…….its time we look around ourselves……….what do we ppl have ????nothing !so what will we loose at war…nothing!…its time we give the bush administratio0n a call and tell them …that we r well prepared fr a crusade …….if allah wants anyone to take his name on mother earth he will help us ….

  2. Usama I agree with first part of your post. But I dont agree with war being the only option. Today wars are not fought with weapons. Its economies that are fighting the war. Why do you think muslims are in a disastrous situation all over the world? This might help you to understand.

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