PTI chief shocked at police brutality

ISLAMABAD, Dec 31: Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has expressed a deep sense of shock and sorrow over the highhanded behaviour meted out to the relatives of “missing” persons by the Rawalpindi police on Thursday.

Commenting on the incident, Mr Khan stressed upon the point that it was their constitutional right to know the fate and the whereabouts of their relatives who had been missing for quite some time.

He said the crime of the family members was none other than holding a peaceful gathering to make their voice heard by the quarters concerned. But there was no excuse for using brute force on non-violent protesters, which included women and children, in a shameful manner.

After such barbaric acts Gen Musharraf’s enlightened moderation stands thoroughly exposed, he remarked.

The PTI chief also drew the attention of 170 illegal detentions which had been duly verified by the HRCP and there were many more who remain undocumented so far. He also reminded that the relatives of the “missing” persons did approach different courts of law but they failed to get any justice and do not know where exactly their dear ones had been detained.

Of course this incident shows the inability of our judicial system to act independently and provide swift justice where it is needed, Mr Khan observed.

He asked what justifications do the champions of democracy have in the face of such gross violations of human rights.

Imran Khan said it was highly deplorable that the “missing” persons had never been produced in a court of law nor any kind of charges framed against them.

He said the incident in which an innocent Pakistani was humiliated in broad daylight deserved suo motu action to be taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Source: Dawn


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