PTI, JI for campaign against Musharraf

LAHORE, Jan 7: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Sunday called on MMA chief Qazi Husain Ahmad at Mansoorah and both the leaders stressed the need for forming an anti-Musharraf platform for limiting the army to its constitutional role.

Speaking on the occasion, Qazi Husain said patriotic parties needed to get on one platform for checking any extra-constitutional role of the army. He said he was in touch with all the parties, including the ARD, MMA and PTI.

He said the JI was trying to mobilise the masses for removing military dictatorship and ensuring fair and free elections.

“Parties do not want to take part in elections under a dictator, who controls almost everything in the country.”

Imran Khan said mobilising people was the only way to stop Pervez Musharraf turning into Hosni Mubarak of Pakistan.

“The General controls everything — judiciary, election commission and district governments — in the country, and there is no other way but to mobilise people.”

He said all those parties which did not want to negotiate with Gen Musharraf should get on one platform and struggle against the military dictator.

Source: Dawn


One response to “PTI, JI for campaign against Musharraf

  1. Shahid Islam Khan

    at first i want to inroduce myself as an old friend of imran and PTI as i worked as chief orgnaiser for a show in japan for Shoukat khanam hospital.My sympathies are still with you and your party as it is the only party working for true democracy in pakistan and i fully support imran’s compaign against MQM.Basicaly MQM is the result of dictatorship of zia and it is a terrorist orgnaization right from its birth.I pray to Allah that imran may become successfull in bringing back all the fugitives including nawaz sharif,benazir,and altaf.

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