PTI Flays victimization of leadership

PTI provincial chief Zubair Khan has condemned government’s attempts for registering fake FIR against political leaders that is tantamounting to political victimization by the state. Government is afraid of escalating public pressure against its anti-social policies that has snatched morsel from poor man’s mouth.

This is our democratic, political and constitutional right to conduct and participate public protest over public and national issues. Government is after fixing political leadership under authoritative presidential orders that are unconstitutional as the incumbency of president General Pervaiz Musharraf is itself null and void as per constitution of Pakistan, He said.

Those misusing the administration to lodge fake FIR against leaders of PTI, JI and others politicians have committed a serious constitutional offence as the legitimacy of their actions is controversial. There would be a time when the dictatorship would be brought to witness box before fully autonomous judiciary and justice will be made. Present rulers must not forget their misdeeds, Zubair warned.

We appeal the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take sue motto action against Sindh government for victimizing politicians through engaging them in fabricated cases.

General Musharraf has been publicly saying to the people of Pakistan to vote for his selected group of men, which is a violation of constitution of Pakistan. He is paving ways for the victory of his men in next general elections for which he has imposed ban on exiled leadership to come back while political leadership in country is being threatened, killed and engaged in fake cases so that they should leave the ground free for his vested designs, Zubair said.


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