PTI condemns inclusion of property tax into electricity bills

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh President Zubair Khan has criticized the government’s decision for receiving property tax with electricity bills. Government has failed to lower down price hike but has rather levied a new blood-sucking tag to already dying of poverty nation. It is quite tyranny on behalf of the government to press the people to pay out amount for luxurious improvident government that is a true symbol of God’s wrath.

Government knows its days are numbered with the arrival of general elections. She is an a hurry to recover as much as possible but the people are waiting for their time to kick off anti-social, anti-human government. Decision to include property tax will affect half of the urban population as it has rental-based dwellings. The law of tenancy is already pro-landlord, as the tenants have to make payments for water and all other expenses. No government has ever addressed the grievances of the tenants. It is the worst form of interest that the owner of a premise gets from the tenants, Zubair commented.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is doing its best to educate people about their rights and privileges and no doubt the people are learning a lot especially because of our efforts in this regard. Political parties that have formed the present coalition in support of General Musharraf are doing economic massacre of people. It is the prime duty of political parties in opposition block whether inside the house or outside, to raise their protests against such devastating measures adopted by the senseless flock of tyrants.

Supreme Court of Pakistan is appealed to take immediate notice of including property tax in the electricity bill. People should be freed from paying out the property tax delivered to their doorstep included in the electricity bill. If the people start paying these taxes then the government will impose many more taxes that would be included in restaurant bills, bus, train and air tickets, and every form of public document. It is not impossible that the government may also levy tax on birth of newborn babies, Zubair said.


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