PTI condemns US Threat

PTI Sindh president Zubair Khan has warned USA of consequences if US Army or NATO forces launch attack on Pakistani soil under the pretext of search for the Taliban leaders. Pakistan is not a small fry. It has disciplined Army equipped with traditional and nuclear warheads. Any mistake will be priced high, as Pakistan will prove second Vietnam in case of any blind attack. We shall keep our freedom and every inch of our motherland will be safeguarded at any cost.

It may be General Musharraf or any other that could act according to US ambitions but the rest of Pakistan Army and the entire nation will rebound unanimously with full patriotism to protect our soil. We are not American colony nor We shall ever be forced to be one, he said.

America wants to capture our natural recourses and ports. It has ambitions to turn the entire south Asia and newly freed northern states into enslaved colony for feeding American belly of sinking American economy with oil and natural resources of these areas. Invasion into Iraq in search of weapon of mass destruction while in Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden were sheer traducements. America can not see countries of middle East, South Asia and South East Asia to make progress in industrial and agriculture sectors because of fear of becoming stronger. It is the best time to check America from advancing towards achieving its ugly designs as it has badly stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan. This region must form a block comprising Iran, China, North Korea, and Pakistan to fight together against American invasion in any one of these countries, he said.

Recent statements and allegation on Pakistan by the American officials are tactics that bear no courage provided that our political leadership get prepared to remove the present government from power with unanimous move. General Musharraf has become the greatest threat to the sovereignty of country. His policies on Balochistan and Northern areas have provoked sentiments of separation. Only the democratically selected political leadership by the people of Pakistan can bring the stability and normalcy back in country, Zubair said.


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