GDA, The only platform for struggle

PTI Sindh President Zubair Khan has condemned missile attack on a religious seminary at Khar, Bajor (NWFP). He said the strike was launched to appease the Bush Administration to pave the way sought for consistency to rule the country for decade. The attack was pre-planned and the purpose was to impress the US Government that the present coalition Government led by General Pervaiz Musharraf is acting as the sole trustworthy US ally against terrorism and no other government would entertain the interests of the US Government. He was speaking to a large protest rally and demonstration outside Karachi Press Club staged against the missile attack on Khar, Bajor and show unity with the victims.

Zubair Khan has demanded for the judicial probe of the Bajor attack by the Supreme Court. He also demanded that the matter must be laid before the National Assembly as well as the Senate.

All opposition political and other parties must sit together and unite under the roof of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) to launch a decisive move to get rid of the present government because it has become a threat to the sovereignty of the country by allowing US drones into Pak territory without permission, he spoke.


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