Relatives of missing people register protest in front of SC

ISLAMABAD: The relatives of missing people staged a strong protest in front of Supreme Court here on Wednesday.

President of Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan also participated in the protest rally and announced to take part in future demonstrations.

Addressing the relatives of missing people, Imran Khan said that rampant lawlessness has deteriorated law and order situation of the country. Intelligence authorities are governing the country, he added.

“If the missing people are innocent then the government should proceed their cases in the court,” he held.

“It is sheer violation of justice that destitute and helpless people are protesting for their relatives,” he remarked.

Lamenting the current situation, he pointed out that the contemporary situation was worse than the British rule.

Amina Masood elaborated that 16 cases of missing people had registered and more than 100 cases were under process in Supreme Court.

She said that the Apex Court was executing the case of missing people but it was postponed due to unknown reasons.

In the protest, 20 women, 20 men, and 12 children were sitting outside of the supreme court in severe cold to register their protest. They were holding placards, banners and posters inscribed with slogans against the government.

Source: Online News


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