’Punjab has become a police state’

BAHAWALPUR: In a rally held under the auspices of MMA, Liaqat Baloch and Imran Khan, while addressing the occasion, have accused the Punjab of turning into a hotbed of police state, backing all the feudals, and nefarious elements.

They said that public life and property was most unsafe, and quoted the statement of Lahore High Court Bench which had earlier expressed the exact sentiments.

Liaqat Baloch accused the government of sabotaging the integrity of two-nation theory, Islamic values and culture of the Nation, and forcing the unemployed youth of the Country towards criminal activities.

Liaqat Baloch approved the sentiments of masses of Northern Punjab, fed up by unemployment, poverty and bureaucracy, and said that only a mass agitation against this oppressive regime can alleviate the situation.

He said that Army’s domination of National politics was an anathema to the integrity and safety of Federation, and urged the opposition to unite steadfastly in their endeavors to dethrone the regime, which had no intentions of leaving the corridors of power, legally.

Addressing the rally PTI chief Imran Khan said that the National police is solely limited to providing protocols to VIPs and arrest of opposition politicians, and both police and army protect only President Pervez Musharraf and PM, Shaukat Aziz.

He said that if masses kept watching the whole discrimination like silent spectators, they were bound to suffer greatly, saying that another dictator was about to disintegrate the Country, and urged the masses to resist any moves by President Musharraf to rule the Country despotically like Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

Afterwards while addressing a press conference, Liaqat Baloch said that MMA and PTI had decided to start a public awareness campaign to apprise the masses about the struggle for restoration of democracy, and gradually add the services of other opposition elements in this effort after the month of Muharram.

He said that no free, fair and transparent elections can be guaranteed in Country, unless an independent Election Commission is formed to oversee the process, and accused President Musharraf of not being sincere about the integrity of constitution and wants to remain as a uniformed president.

While replying to a question about the missing persons the PTI chief said that Law and order in the Country was in shambles, and even the Court orders for releasing these hapless persons have been steadfastly resisted.

He said that Courts have become “no-go” zones, and declared all the claims of development in Punjab as a big lie; while in a question about the other Provinces he said that more Provinces mean lesser administrative problems, and supported the demand for a Saraiki province.

Source: Online News


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  1. pervaiz musharraf is dangers…
    imran khan zindaabad.imran khan zindaabad

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