Citizens should be allowed to keep arms

PTI Sindh president Zubair Khan has demanded that citizens should be allowed to keep arms in order to protect themselves from dacoits and bandits. The Police have totally failed to provide security to citizens. Rate of street crimes is on the rise despite government claims. People are living under desperate fright as their lucrative and lives are unsafe. Dacoity in daytime hours is a clear manifest that the provincial administration has no control over crimes and criminals.

The government has always been trying to divert people’s attention by creating uniform issue at one time while at the other time issue of women protection bill is aired. Peoples genuine problems such as price hike of groceries, petroleum product, milk, ghee and sugar are constantly escalating. On the other hand, civilians are killed in blind bombardment in order to show the US administration that Pakistan is highly engaged in Talibans pursuit. Zubair commented.

US administration’s recent report is indicative to stern measures against Pakistan saying the government of Pakistan has failed to exterminate dens of Taliban extremists in Northern areas of NWFP. The report bears a threat that US Aid will be halted should the government fail to meet the requirements of the deal for which USA has paid generously. The government of Pakistan has duped the nation that Pakistan has made tremendous economic progress while the fact is that the dollars given by USA filled the tummy of treasury. The dollars have been lavishly spent on unproductive projects while the infrastructure has been ignored. USA has also role to restrict JF 17 thunder fighter jets thus the defense scenario enters into shaking profile. It is imperative that the present government must have mercy on Pakistan by quitting grip over country’s rule. The democratic forces must step forward in a joint move to take over the country’s business before it is too late. Zubair Khan has urged.


One response to “Citizens should be allowed to keep arms

  1. I disagree by the proposal for grant of permission to civilans to keep/use arms for self defence as it will only increase lawlessnes in the already lawless society of Pakistan. Responsible people who aspire to govern Pakistan should come up with more mature ideas to improve the law and order situation in Pakistan and not make propsals without giving thought to their longterm effects.

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