Imran Khan asks opp not to move SC against proposed re-election of Musharraf

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan has advised the opposition not to move to the Supreme Court against the proposed re-election of President General Pervez Musharraf by the incumbent assemblies as, the apex court’s verdict will be in favour of the government.

“The opposition parties have no other option but to go to the masses against unconstitutional (proposed) re-election of General Musharraf by the sitting assemblies. If they (opposition parties) commit this mistake, they will be in total loss in line with the past”, Khan contended while addressing “meet the press” programme at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday.

The cricketer-turned politician said he did not expect any relief from the apex court if the opposition parties took the issue of the re-election of an uniformed president there. ” Unfortunately, the judiciary is not independent. There are some no-go areas for the Supreme Court, and it cannot operate in these areas”, he asserted.

He charged General Pervez Musharraf with “selling” the basic human rights of Pakistanis to the United States in the name of so-called war on terror. ” Musharraf has no interest in resolving the problems of common people as he has no roots in the masses”, Mr Khan said adding ” Musharraf has a one-point agenda that is how to appease America.

Condemning the registration of cases and arrest of former Balochistan Chief Minister, and President Balochistan National Party (BNP) Sardar Akhtar Mengal, Mr Khan observed that the military regime was creating another Mujeeb-ur-Rehman for Pakistan.

” The government itself is violating the law. Despite clear-cut orders of the Supreme Court, the government is not releasing details about the illegally detained persons”, he said demanding the immediate release of illegally detained political and religious activists in Balochistan and rest of the country. “The government should either release them or produce them in the courts”, he maintained.

He observed that America had always supported those rulers of the Muslim countries who had no roots in their respective masses so that they could easily be blackmailed and used for accomplishment of its agenda.

Commenting on the General Musharraf’s ongoing visit to Middle East, Mr Khan said it was the reunion of ” American slaves”, who had been toeing the US agenda in the region. ” How ironic it is that General Musharraf who is toeing American policies , is calling for resolution of Palestinian issue. America has instrumented its agents in the Middle East to suppress the uprising against it”, he charged.

He ridiculed General Musharraf’s philosophy of enlighten moderation saying ” Musharraf wants to impose Washington-brand Islam in Pakistan”.

He observed that there was no democracy in the country. All the decisions are being taken by an un-elected group of people instead of the elected parliament, he added

To a question, Mr Khan said that Jammat-e-Islami, PTI, and PML(N) had agreed in principle to wage joint struggle against the military regime, however ” We are trying to persuade other opposition parties, including the PPP, and JUI(F) in this regard”.

He said his party would continue its struggle for restoration of real democracy and supremacy of the parliament even if all political parties struck a deal with the military regime. ” I will never ever compromise with the military dictatorship”, he said.

He expressed the hope that no political or religious party would strike any deal with General Musharraf, and would get united on one-point agenda i.e restoration of democracy in the country.

He alleged that military operations were conducted in South and North Waziristan just to appease America, which wanted to engage tribesmen and Pakistani army into a civil war. ” We have killed our own countrymen just to appease USA. I would like to ask the government that how many foreigners had been arrested or killed during the operation?”, he maintained.

To another question, he said his party would participate in the All parties Conference, in London to be either convened by the PML(N) or the ARD.

Source: Online News


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