Imran lambasts ‘borrowed’ education reforms

KARACHI: Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has stressed the need of grooming and educating the youth to assume the country’s leadership while keeping the traditional values of the society intact.

He criticised the rulers “for toeing the American line” by trying to impose a ‘secular education system’ in the country. The new education system, according to him, would prepare an army of Pakistanis who would be American in their thought and serve their masters without giving a second thought to the welfare of the country.
He was speaking on the second day of a three-day book fair, organised by the Islami-e-Jamiat Talaba, Study Aid Project, at Sadequain Lawn, NIPA Chowrangi on Wednesday.

PPI ADDS: Imran said Pakistan was not created for implementing “controversial enlightened moderation policies” and lambasted the rulers for having slave mentality, who, according to him, want the entire nation to follow the US orders”.

“Pakistan was not created for that purpose otherwise British could have been better masters than Americans,” he said. The PTI chief said policies of the present rulers were tantamount to an attack on Pakistan’s Islamic identity, ideology and culture.

He charged that these ‘detrimental policies’ are being imposed on the nation on the directives of President Bush, “who is a war criminal”. He said youth had played an important role in creation of Pakistan and in many other countries of the world, they initiated successful struggles for the cause of democracy.

The PTI chief paid tribute to IJT for conducting constructive and healthy activities and urged the students to struggle against dictatorship in the country.

Former Vice Chancellor, Karachi University, Dr Abdul Wahab, said holding of book fair was a healthy tradition but such activities should be held on campuses.

He urged the youth to excel their knowledge, especially in science and technology and engineering, saying the US and other Western powers were ruling the world due to their technological supremacy.

Dr Wahab said youth should not be disappointed from the current situation and continue efforts for social change, as this is the only way to get the nation rid of its problems and crisis.

Source: The News


2 responses to “Imran lambasts ‘borrowed’ education reforms

  1. Great leader imran khan. We want imran khan the next prime minister. Inshallah
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  2. Imran Khan our hero, our proud, our leader ❤

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